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Corrosive fluoridation chemicals are added to the water for some alleged health impact of reducing 1/2 of a cavity, or so, over a lifetime. Science now knows, however, that drinking fluoride does not make the difference in reducing cavities, but it does harm health.  

This antiquated practice of communities buying and adding a "drug" to the water should be halted.  

We are an all volunteer team at Moms Against Fluoridation fighting for water that is not "drugged" with a very toxic chemical slurry that is now known to cause significant health impacts throughout the human body which range from the brain and bones to the thyroid gland, inflammation, mottled teeth any more.    

Modern democratic society should not be using the water supply as a vehicle to get the "drug of the day" to their population. Ask yourself if we should add statins, vitamins, weight loss drugs or anti depressants to the public drinking water for all to drink in vastly different quantities. Can you imagine?  Then why do we add something for the alleged purpose of impacting the human body. Fluoride is not added to treat or disinfect the water. No, it is added to the water as a "drug" to allegedly treat human health.  And, can you imagine that the drug added to your water is an industrial waste product that has not been purified?

 Civilized societies should never drug the populace with anything whether it were to be effective and safe or not. Fluoride happens to be neither.

Water should be water, and as close to "just water" as possible.

 Yes we are Moms fighting for only that.