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Taking on the EPA in Federal Court.

Moms Against Fluoridation along with other nonprofit organizations and mothers on behalf of their children, is suing the EPA to end water fluoridation.  We are now deep in the Federal court process and going to be heard in Federal Court.  We will show and prove that drinking fluoride is injurious to human health inclduing the brain and the developing brain. 

We have successfully passed the Motion to Dismiss, beaten back the EPA's attempt to limit our discovery and defeated the EPA's Motion for Summary Judegement!  We ARE going to be heard!

Our life-sustaining drinking water, should never be used as a delivery system for any alleged "drug".   The fluoride chemicals that communities are now adding are harming health and our brains including the developing fetus, and we will prove it!  The modern science showing harm and adverse effects from drinking fluoride is now huge in both breadth and depth.  In the early 1950's when fluoride was rapidly deemed 'safe and effective'  to drink and good for our teeth, there were many other things also deemed "safe" out of this era includuing DDT, smoking (by dentists and MD's!), asbsetos, lead in gasoiline and hydrofluorocarbons.   

Please consider a donation to help us achieve victory and end water fluoridation in Federal court. 

Links To Our Work and the Case

These 8 articles were published in "Inside EPA":

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