Fluoride breaches the placenta. Drinking fluoride during pregnancy can harm the vulnerable developing brain.

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 Science has now abundant proof and evidence that drinking 
fluoridation chemicals 
 is harmful to human health.

Massive IQ loss when the developing new life is exposed to this tasteless and odorless additive.

 JAMA Pediatrics confirms (again) fluoride duing pregancy is deeply troubling. 

Our Daily Dose Film:  This is a must see for anyone who drinks

 fluoridated tap water or drinks or eats anything made with it.

Pregnancy Science:  (not exhaustive)

   JAMA Pediactrics:  Pregant Women Drinking Fluoride can Reduce IQ.

Any time a quality study is published on fluoride, it is attacked.  Big time attacked!  Why? After a society has put so much time, energy, "face" and money behind something and then it turns out to be wrong, or worse injurious, the forces are huge that will push-back and spin the narrative.   What is at stake with fluoridation is enormous including reputation for individuals and organizations, money, credibility all around and a big liability window would open.   Think about the push-back with such examples as asbestos, cigarettes, DDT, PFOAs, and so much more. 

Check out this article from a partner plaintiff: