Quotations from Dental Organizations

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Quotations From Dental Organizations

One of the Disturbing Revelations in the Fluoridegate Scandal:

Dentists Have Quietly Acknowledged for Years in their Own Trade Publications that Fluorides are Ineffective in Preventing Cavities Where the Vast Majority Occur, in the Pits and Grooves of Children’s Back Molars. This is Why Dentists Promote Use of Teeth Sealants -- Plastic Resins Placed in Kids’ Molars, Often through School Sealant Programs.

“Pit and fissure cavities aren’t considered to be preventable by fluorides, they are prevented by sealants.”

SOURCE: Gray, AS (1987). Fluoridation: Time for a New Base Line? Journal of the Canadian Dental Association 10: 763-765

“It is estimated that 84% of the caries [cavities] experience in the 5 to 17 year-old population involves tooth surfaces with pits and fissures. Although fluorides cannot be expected appreciably to reduce our incidence of caries on these surfaces, sealants can.”

SOURCE: Scholle R. (1984). Editorial: Preserving the perfect tooth. JADA 108:448 (Journal of the American Dental Assn.)

“Fluoride primarily protects the smooth surfaces of teeth, and sealants protect the pits and fissures (grooves), primarily on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. Although pit and fissure tooth surfaces only comprise about 15% of all permanent tooth surfaces, they were the site of 83% of tooth decay in U.S. children in 1986-1987.”

SOURCE: Dental Health Foundation, 1997. The Oral Health of California’s Children-A Neglected Epidemic: Selected Findings and Recommendations from the California Oral Health Needs Assessment of Children, 1993-1994.