What Are The Fluoridation Chemicals That We Drink? ANSWER: The captured scrubber air pollution.

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Yes, they add the dirty, filthy toxic liquid air pollution to our water that is laced with lead, arsenic, aluminum and many other contaminants. 

One of  the most stunning parts of the "fluoride story" is where the product "the stuff" that we all actually drink comes from.  If you thought it is made in sterile condition in a dedicated lab for you to drink, think again!  The truth of the matter is that many factories including the phosphate fertilizer industry belch dirty, filthy smoke from their smokestacks.  Who wants dirty, dangerous smoke laden with lead and arsenic landing on our homes and schools, field and farms?   Nobody!  That is why the EPA requires most belching smoke stacks to install "wet scrubbers" to capture much of the dirty and contaminated smoke. 

 That is good, right!  Yes, that is good!  Scrubbers are good.   Question: Does anyone really want to drink that captured toxic matter? 

 BUT THEN... what do they do with the captured smoke, the acid (scrubber slurry), that is a classified nasty, dirty toxic waste?

This is the part that is unbelievable.  Factories then sell their slurry-waste to be sold raw and unrefined and laden with toxins including arsenic and lead to municipalities to drip into there water.  Yes, your water departments drip in the slurry and  they even add back toxic lead!  What else does the scrubber slurry have in it, in addition to lead and arsenic that was captured in the scrubber?   You guessed it, FLUORIDE.  

And, what is the current talking point about fluoride?   The mantra is that fluoride is good to drink and important to reduce dental decay.  Is it true?   No it is not true, and in fact drinking fluoride does a lot to harm to the teeth and can alter the enamel and it is also doing harm to other systems in the body including the endocrine system, the brain, bones and joints, vital enzymes and more. 

If you do not believe this disposal method, (as we did not) we have included many references, data and links on this site to show that THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING!

 We are drinking the frank and raw air pollution waste that is then being dripped into water to deliver a bolus of "fluoride".  








  •  The Fluoride Deception with Christopher Bryson.  This is an excellent well-referenced landmark book. 
  •  The Case against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There​


  •  Letter that memorializes the use of industrial waste to fluoridate water

Who Wants to Drink Industrial Waste? 

Unbelievably, communities actually buy foreign toxic-waste including from China and Mexico.